fun things

here is a continually growing collection of grooviness:

This husband-wife hosted podcast about wonderful things will make you smile (it’s called, wait for it, Wonderful)

Here’s one of my favorite creative communities that anyone, anywhere can be a part of (also one of few things that will get me up early on a Friday morning)

Need a mood board? Here’s one simple and easy way to start a digital one

Treat yourself (and maybe a friend!) to these perfect recipes “for two” (if you’re like me, it’s more like a non-overwhelming, hits-the-spot-with-half-the-ingredients amount for one…)

Did anyone else play this game in their high school computer class? (Yes, it’s real, still addicting, and for a good cause!)

Always a great site for discovering weird and wondrous worldly things

I love this reminder about the key to tackling big projects of any kind

How cool is it that Barnard has a library just for zines? (I’ve always wanted to make one!)

Two of my favorite comic creators featuring cute animals and aliens

(photo credit: Sharon McCutcheon)