minor conveniences is a personal creative outlet and a public space to curate, explore, and celebrate the good things in life (even if, sometimes, they may be hard to find). 

it’s lists and thoughts, how-tos and round-ups, pictures and confessions, and lots of feelings.

it’s a work-in-progress, a writing endeavor and a playful project.

it’s the blog I said I would start in high school, the summer after high school, in college, in grad school, when grad school was over, last year, last month, last week, 8 hours ago—and am gonna finally do now.

thanks for coming by xx

about the writer:

alexandra is human who lives in brooklyn, new york (by way of michigan) and she already feels crazy weird writing about herself in third person. she studied writing (kind of) in college and paid even more money to keep doing it in grad school. during the day, she works as an editor in educational media. most nights, she thinks about writing, writes a little and sometimes criticizes it, or freelance writes about how to live sustainably among other lifestyle-y things; you can see more of that writing here. when she’s not trading skills for income, she enjoys saving cookbook recipes but making the ones she’s saved on Instagram. she also likes crafting, sitting in quiet cafes, telling long-winded stories, and staring at piles of magazines she keeps meaning to read.