mid-week check-in

hey! how are you feeling today?

it’s quite gray outside here in brooklyn. I feel like these past few days, I’ve been a lot more sensitive to weather changes. I’m almost manically happy on sunny days and feeling more depressive when it’s cloudy. anyone else feeling like this?

one of the reasons why I think I’v been more weather-sensitive is because I’ve been looking out my bedroom window a whole lot more, soaking up every ounce of outside life as I can #cabinfever. and living in a new york apartment, let me tell you: I’ve never felt more fortunate to have two windows in my bedroom (luxe level: in-between having a dishwasher and having a doorman). yes, I am certainly counting my blessings as we speak…but also, is this what life has come to?!? blessings = windows? sanitizer = currency?! routines = constantly shifting and/or nonexistent?!

speaking of routines, I’ve realized that while something like looking out the window used to be a small part of my (pre-pandemic) morning ritual, it has now been upgraded to a main source of “IRL” social interaction. even though the stream of joggers, bagel-eaters, dog-walkers, and horn-blaring traffic is now next-to-none on the streets below. somehow, just looking outside helps instill some sense of normalcy for me. I see the trees bud because spring is still coming. I hear the garbage trucks collecting trash bags because my neighbors are still eating, drinking, and living. I know that life is still progressing in some way even though it feels like time has stopped.

……while also becoming hyper-responsive to passing clouds and partial sun.

in any case, I like the idea of starting a v casual mid-week check-in, especially during these weird-ass times, but hopefully beyond as well. I’m hoping it can be a time to tune into some feelings, acknowledge some struggles, and create some space for gratitude, too. what do you think?

here are some things I have been struggling with:

  1. calling all of this “the new normal” (I keep hearing it as “there’s no end in sight!” as I panic internally)
  2. having no idea how much to pack for a likely trip back home (see parenthetical in #1)
  3. getting outside
  4. maintaining the energy to keep up a healthy perspective about…pretty much everything

but here are also some things I have been grateful for lately:

  1. sunlight
  2. the truly essential people, many of whom have been under-appreciated for too long, who continue to keep society functioning during all of this
  3. not needing to go back to Michigan because of my parents’ health (they are great)
  4. this eloquent essay that perfectly sums up a lot of feelings I have been having
  5. this 1-minute and 41-second reminder about creating work you feel good about
  6. being able to work on some creative projects over the past week
  7. virtual cooking & dinner parties
  8. toaster waffles with peanut butter and bananas
  9. how easy and cost-free starting a gratitude list is

(isn’t it great when the pros beat the cons in the butt?)

be well xx

(feature image photo credit: ducminh nguyen)

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