how to survive today

how is your day going today?

if it’s great, go you. if it’s not great, that’s okay, too.

if it’s feeling kind of meh, you’re probably like me most days. (hey! twins!)

meh - adj. something that is not good or great, but not bad or sad; disappointingly unsatisfactory. a dinner you spent an hour making that is lukewarm by the time you get to eat it.  a really good song that just fades to end.

you know the days. they’re not super shitty, or super exciting. they’re just fine…and probably pretty common.

so how do you get through all of them?

well, according to the science that is having survived a bunch of these days like every other human on earth, here are some super epic life hacks #hacks that I have found useful. 

bonus points: they’re free.

extra bonus points: they also work if you want to turn a good day into a GDAMN EXCELLENT day or a complete elephant turd day into a somewhat manageable day. 

  1. try to embrace the gray—if you’re like me, or maybe most humans, you feel most comfortable when you can classify things, like days (or thoughts or feelings) into groups: chore day, me day, absolute shit day. doing this not only helps us feel like we have some control, but also helps us make sense of things so we can determine how to proceed. but—newsflash—most days will inevitably fall into a gray area of “meh”….and it’s totally okay. my tip: save your energy—don’t feel like you need to wake up on the right side of the bed every morning or turn every lemon into lemonade. I know for me, some days, it can feel like if you’re NOT doing that you’re being such a negative nancy. and it can be especially tricky to be okay with all the gray when so much of what we see around us is filtered through a social media lens a.k.a it feels like everyone has their shit together BUT YOU. just remember: nothing in nature blooms year round.—quote I saw on pinterest
  2. s t r e t c h—once you release all that tension in your shoulders from trying to be a ray of sunshine and realizing you’re just not fkin’ feeling it, take a deep stretch. I love a good stretch. It’s cheaper than going to the spa and is a great sub for yoga on days when a downward-facing dog STILL DOESN’T FEEL LIKE A PLACE OF REST. if you are in a confined space or feel too self-conscious, cracking your knuckles totally counts. a few slow neck rolls can do wonders, too. 
  3. drink a huge glass of water—I know I sound like your mom, but seriously. I’ve never feel worse after drinking water and chances are you aren’t drinking enough of it. If you drink a lot of water and have to pee a lot after, you can even think of it as a free-and-easy detox, if that’s what your body is craving. SHOULD I OR SHOULD I NOT BE A WELLNESS CONSULTANT. 
  4. do something nice—ya’ll know about karma. If you want some good energy, ya gotta put some of that shit out in the world. It doesn’t have to be huge or showy or expensive. tell a friend how cool they are, compliment a stranger (don’t be creepy), wink at yourself in the mirror (just the right amount of fun and creepy), or finally return that library book you’ve been hoarding so other people can enjoy those Sally Rooney novels. 
  5. put something nice on your face—it can be a splash of cold water, a swipe of Burt’s Bees, that $98 serum hand-squeezed from the himalayan foothills that comes in a frosted glass jar. maybe it’s a kiss from a loved one (pets included), or a blanket over your head if you have the privilege of just staying in bed that day. whatever it is, find something nice, and get all up in it.
  6. take a deep breath—or three, or five. as you inhale, think of a mantra. as you exhale, repeat that same mantra. I like: 
    • this too shall pass. 
    • trust and let go.
    • you got this, bitch.
  7. finally, google “corgis jumping into water” or “the world’s fastest game of hide and seek.”

now, aren’t you feeling a little better? 


(photo credit: elizabeth lies)

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